Jilin Wang

Chairman of the Board, Principal

Jilin Wang, Chairman of the Board and the Principal of the School since October 2015. He was an IT System Consultant with Sierra Systems Inc., having over 20 years of Canadian working experiences related to financial applications in the transportation and energy industry, such as CP Rail, Talisman Energy and Cenovus Energy. Before moving to Canada, he was a university lecturer in Jilin, China, and also worked as a software engineer with a Sino-Japanese joint venture in Tokyo, Japan. Jilin is honest, impartial and enthusiastic in public welfare. He spends most of his spare time in public and community services, working as a volunteer for many not-for-profit organizations and charities. Currently, he is the Honorary President of Calgary Chinese Dongbei Association, board director of Calgary Ringtorch Sport Association, and advisor of Chinese society.

王吉林,自2015年10月起担任爱心学校董事长兼校长。曾在加拿大运输及石油行业从事财务应用软件的系统开发与支持20余年,曾服务于Sierra Systems Inc.,CP Rail, Talisman Energy, Cenovus Energy。来加拿大前曾任东北电力大学讲师(中国吉林)、中日合资软件开发公司软件工程师(日本东京)。王吉林淳朴公正、热心公益、业余时间为多家非营利和慈善机构提供义务服务,兼任卡城东北同乡会名誉会长、卡城环炬体育运动委员会理事,及多家华人协会顾问。