Chinese Emotional Support Hotline Volunteer – Super Stars of the Month May

Chinese Emotional Hotline selected two volunteer super stars for the month of May, a hotline listener and a hotline supervisor.

Jill is a supervisor on the hotline and she works as a careers counsellor with the Calgary Women’s Immigrant Association (CIWA). Joined the volunteer ranks from the very beginning of the hotline. Jill is very grateful to have this opportunity to use his limited knowledge to help friends in need. At the same time, he also has the opportunity to learn from more caring and professional knowledge friends. He is more grateful to have because he understands and realizes that many people’s lives are not easy.

Jill hopes that more with  love and dedicated friends will join us and work together, but also hope that everyone will cherish themselves while caring for others, increase their capability in managing their emotions through continuous learning and experience, and work hard  to reduce the negative impact, and be more grateful.

Jill hopes that friends who occasionally or temporarily encounter difficulties in life face the reality and seek help in a timely manner and get out of the puzzles as soon as possible.

Xiaodan was a university teacher before coming to Canada and is now a legal assistant. After coming to Canada, facing the change of career  and  life, she also had many dark moments and even lost confidence. In a way, Xiaodan thinks volunteering saved her. She first volunteered as a legal interpreter for CIWA and a medical interpreter for CCCSA, and then volunteered for legal guidance. Every time she provide services to customers, she feel very happy and satisfied when she see the customer’s smile and hear a “thank you”, and feel that she can provide effective help to others and are needed by the society.

Xiaodan is honored to be a hotline volunteer. First of all, the training content of the hotline is scientific and complete. She has always been interested in psychology, but unfortunately she has no time to study systematically. The hotline training contains a lot of psychological knowledge, which supplements its own knowledge shortcomings. Through volunteering on the hotline, Xiaodan also met a fellow friend from same place who had a special fate. The two became friends in life. They shared their love for niche movies and operas in their native dialect. Every time they chatted, they were very happy.

Xiaodan feels that self-cherishing is very important, and different people have different ways of self-cherishing. Yoga and meditation may be good, but Xiaodan doesn’t think it’s right for her. For Xiaodan, listening to music, reading and watching movies decompresses and cherishes herself. In addition, during the epidemic, I read a lot of miscellaneous books of interest. Although it is not helpful for my career or studies, reading a favorite book is like having a long chat with a wise friend, and I feel very satisfied.

For those friends who have encountered difficulties in life, Xiaodan thinks the four “minds” are very important. First of all, please be normal, challenges are part of our lives and are inevitable. Then, please have faith and believe in yourself. Please be a warrior, not a worrier. Again, please be patient, analyze the difficulties you encounter from various dimensions, and try to find a way to solve them. Finally, please believe in the love of society. Living in Alberta, there are actually many resources that can help us, or calling the Chinese Emotional Support Hotline is also a good way.

The Chinese Emotional Support Hotline is made up of volunteers with different experiences like Jill and Xiaodan. If you also want to contribute to the Chinese community, please scan the QR code on the poster below to sign up.