Hotline Webinar #27 – The power of mindfulness: Helping you overcome emotional distress


正念的力量: 助你走出情绪的困扰


·  什么是正念?它的作用有哪些?

·   如何通过正念的方法调节情绪?

·   如何制定正念练习计划?

在这次讲座中,我们有幸请到了阿尔伯塔省注册社工 — 李敏老师 。李老师曾在卡尔加里排忧解难热线、卡尔加里移民妇女协会、加拿大心理健康互助中心健康大使项目等多家非盈利机构或项目为多族裔移民提供情绪支持服务。

这次的讲座是排忧解难热线 (Chinese Emotional Support Hotline) 系列公益讲座的一部分。我们希望通过免费公开性质的讲座给大家科普身心健康方面的知识和提供社区服务资源和信息,从而提升华人群体的生活质量和精神健康。

Why do we sometimes feel unhappy, depressed or anxious?

· What is mindfulness? What are its benefits?

· How can we regulate our emotions through mindfulness?

· How can we create a mindfulness practice plan?

In this lecture, we are fortunate to have Ms. Li Min, a registered social worker in Alberta, as our speaker. Ms. Li has provided emotional support services to multi-ethnic immigrants in several non-profit organizations or projects, such as Calgary Distress Centre, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, and the Healthy Ambassador Project of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

This lecture is part of the Chinese Emotional Support Hotline’s public welfare lecture series. We hope to provide knowledge on mental and physical health and provide community service resources and information through free and open lectures, thereby improving the quality of life and mental health of the Chinese community.


Time:   Thursday, April 6th , 2023, from 7:00 – 8:30 PM (Alberta time – MST)



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This webinar is part of the Mental Wellness Seminars: Career Exploration Series from the Chinese Emotional Support Hotline. We hope that through free and open lectures, we will give everyone knowledge about physical and mental health, so as to help the Chinese community better integrate into Canadian society.