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In 1923, the Canadian government officially passed the Chinese Immigration Act (Also known as the Chinese Exclusion Act) to prevent Chinese immigrants from coming to Canada.

This year is 2023. On this 100th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act, the youths of the Youth Leadership Project of  ECSSEN Career School and other associations in Calgary are working together to hold activities to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Immigration Act. 

The feature of this project is youths lead youths, and let youths listen to historical stories, remember the history, and prevent the resurgence of anti-Chinese ideology!


This project includes a series of activities:

  • Invite guests to tell youths about the history of the Chinese Exclusion Act

  • Invite a descendant of a railway worker to tell the history of their ancestors and the contribution of Chinese people to Canada and Calgary’s history

  • Invite a guest to talk about the history of Calgary Chinatown

  • Visit the Chinese Culture Museum in the Calgary Cultural Center

  • At the end of the project, we will hold a youth speech competition on July 29, 2023 on this Chinese Immigration Act (aka, Chinese Exclusion Act)

  • Cost:
    Participation in various activities, including visiting the Chinese Culture Museum in the Cultural Center and speech contests are free


Because this is the Youth Leadership Program, the main contacts are the two Youth leaders:
  • Liangray Li
  • Grant Li
Tel: 403)970-0400
This is the contact’s QR code:


The project is at the stage of recruiting youth leaders now, and currently, the students are meeting via Zoom every Friday evening to discuss the progress of the project and share the information they have researched.
Members of the youth leader team of this project have priority in participating in the speech competition.
If you think these activities are important, and you want your child(ren) to exercise leadership skills, please contact us.
Let your child be a member of the Youth Leadership Team!
This project is supported and funded by the City of Calgary.
The following are the project partners:

Thank you for your attention!

ECSSEN Career School Youth Leadership Program together with the Calgary youths 100th Anniversary Commemoration of Canadian Immigration Exclusion Act Team

June 10, 2023