Ailian Liu

Director of Board

Ailian Liu,  Director of Board since October 2015. She holds a Master of Arts (Wuhan University) and a Master of Social Work (University of Calgary). She is a Registered Social Worker, a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and a Commissioner of Oaths in Alberta.  She used to work at a few women’s shelters and addiction treatment programs.  Currently she works full time at hospital as a social worker. She also provides immigration consultation services. She firmly believes in social equity and justice, and doing one’s best to the improvement of others and society.  She has contributed a lot of time and energy volunteering in community. Before moving to Canada, she was a university lecturer, assistant researcher and senior newspaper editor in China. She enjoys gardening, swimming and walking.

刘爱莲,自2015年10月起担任爱心学校董事。获武汉大学哲学硕士, 卡尔加里大学社工硕士。现为加拿大注册社工和移民顾问,阿省监誓员。她曾在几所妇女庇护所和戒瘾中心担任辅导员,目前其全职工作是医院社工。她还提供移民咨询服务。她深信社会公平和公义,付出大量义务时间和精力为他人和社会尽一己微薄之力。来加拿大前曾任大学讲师,社科院助理研究员和报纸编辑。业余酷爱园艺、游泳、散步。