Xiaowen Liang

Director of Board, bookkeeper

Xiaowen Liang, Director of Board since October 2015. She is a Travel Consultant at Sunny Holidays Inc. with more than 12 years of working experience in the travel industry in Canada. She firmly believes in contributing to the public good, and is an enthusiastic volunteer in many not-for-profit organizations and charities. Before moving to Canada, she was a senior engineer in the steel industry in China.

梁晓文,2015年10月起担任爱心学校董事兼薄记。就职于Sunny Holidays Inc.任旅游顾问,在加拿大从事旅游行业逾12年; 2013年起在卡城江浙上海联谊会任行政助理和财务薄记;来加拿大前曾在中钢集团金属制品研究院任高级工程师。本人热心公益,为多个非盈利慈善机构提供义工服务,为社会及所需要的人尽己绵薄之力。