Free Webinar Nov 30th Tuesday – Cross Cultural Parenting

Topic list:

  • Basic parenting styles
  • Parenting and its impact on children
  • How to choose the best way for parenting
  • Cross-cultural environment for immigrant families 
  • Where to improve self-inspection form
  • Tips for positive discipline



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Have you ever felt a bit lost during parenting and realized that your communication with the kids didn’t go well as expected? Have you noticed the difference between Canadian and Chinese education system and been wondering about how to adapt to it? Come to our next career series webinar to learn about cross-cultural parenting skills. Cross-cultural parenting expert will share experience with you about effective parenting under cross-cultural environment.

To speak on this topic, we invited Yanping – Yangping worked for ten years at Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) as Cross Cultural Parenting Program (CCPP) Facilitator. She knows well about the social, financial, cultural, legal, and career stress and challenges that immigrant families often face in Canada, and the consequence of these stress on family relationships. Yangping’s work focuses on carrying out cross cultural parenting workshops to help the audience to learn about Canadian laws, regulations and culture, as well as effective parenting skills under the new environment, which can improve family relationships, and help with a healthy and happy childhood with academic success, which leads to a responsible and independent grownups. 

This webinar is part of our Chinese Emotional Support Hotline presentation series, with the purpose of improving the Chinese community’s wellbeing and mental health through providing free educational seminars raising awareness on the resources available to support you. Parenting is always one of the hottest topic among Chinese parents. As Chinese parents, we often try all the efforts to provide the best environment for our children, hoping that they can have the best life and worrying that they cannot. However, during parenting, it is very easy to forget about how our children actually feel. As a result, children from Chinese families are often under lots of stress and feel that they are misunderstood, which is usually frustrating for both children and parents as they both feel that they are not respected or appreciated. In this month’s webinar, Yanping will talk about various parenting styles and their impact on children, as well as how to choose the best practice under a given situation. The webinar will also provide information for parents about what to pay attention to in cross cultural parenting, how to self-inspect and improve and easily-applicable skills for positive discipline.

At the end of the webinar, two participants will be selected for $10 Amazon gift cards.