Free Webinar May 25th – Technology Addiction(科技上瘾)

Time: Wednesday May 25, 2022, from 7:00 – 8:30 PM (Alberta time – MST)

Topic list:

  • Four major risks of technology addition in today’s society
  • Why tech addiction is a common phenomenon in today’s society
  • What are the effective ways we can use technology products to enrich our lives



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Technological products are like the stove in our kitchen, and if the stove is used properly, it will bring us a lot of delicious food. But once the stove is abused, the stove will catch fire and seriously endanger our daily life. With the wide application of technology products, the problem of technology addiction has become more and more obvious. Looking back on our own lives, do we have too much electronic information to process but not enough time? Are your daily activities inadvertently disrupted by electronics? How many friends and family members can we remember without relying on mobile phones now? Compared with ourselves ten years ago, have we increased our connection with technology products and neglected emotional communication with family and friends?

In this webinar, Andy Xu, a star volunteer trainer from our Chinese Emotional Support Hotline, will explain to us the common causes and harms of technology addiction, as well as effective methods for rational use of technology products. Andy is now a senior in Criminal Justice at Mount Royal University. Areas of study include Criminal Psychology and Physical Behavior. In addition to this, Andy has previously studied professionally short track speed skating for 12 years and was a professional short track speed skater.

This webinar is part of the Chinese Emotional Support Hotline’s Mental Wellness Seminars series. We hope that through free and open lectures, we will give everyone the knowledge of physical and mental health, so as to improve the quality of life and mental health of the Chinese community.


At the end of the webinar, two participants will be selected for $10 Amazon gift cards.